Beyond The World [ chapter 1 ] -part 3-

Part 3

 He scanned his student card at the counter, placed his backpack at the nearby table and walked to the politic section. Not being familiar with the library, he had a rough time looking for the book he was searching for. For some reason he could sense the world was spinning at the moment he stepped into the library, puzzling him like the Distorted World did at the theme park. He took out the paper from his pocket, holding it in front of his eyes with two fingers as he carefully examined the book racks. As the time he pulled a book entitled ‘Population and Poverty in the Developing World,’ the empty hole in front of him suddenly filled with a face. ‘Hey, Oliver!’ The person appointed him. ‘Gahhh..!’ Oliver startled, and almost dropped his book. He took a step back and secured a deep breath, stabilizing his blood pressure. 

‘Sarah…!’ he cried. In the cervices of the books and shelves, he saw the female walked at the opposite isle and took a left corner towards him. She smiled. And the next moment after that, Oliver found himself face to face with her, which made him froze and red. 

‘What are you looking for?’ The female said softly, trying to peek over the front cover of the book he was holding in his arms. She wore simple jeans, and a cardigan with a white shirt she made as an inner. It was simple, but she looked nice as usual, matching her long brunette hair that hung a little bit lower over her shoulder. She owned a pair of beautiful hazel eyes that Oliver sometimes felt envy of it. Sometimes when she asked compellingly, her eyes would glitter amazingly, and hypnotised each of everyone who looked at it to fulfill her request. It was her secret weapon as a beautiful damsel, Oliver thought. 

‘Politics…’ Oliver snorted. ‘I hate politics. What about you?’ 

Sarah showed the front cover to him. ‘World History.’ She simply said back, but her lilt showed that she wasn’t interested as well. ‘Hey, you’re late right? Where did you go?’ Suddenly she turned curious and asked him. She stared at him as if she won’t blink without an answer, and her arms akimbo. 

‘Err…I got into some trouble, never mind me.’ Oliver replied, as he perused through the book that he just took. He placed the book back into its place before taking another one, flipping the pages like he did on the first one. ‘Oh yea, where’s Tyler?’ He said to the female but his eyes remained glued to the book. He tapped his finger on the hardcover of the book as he walked to the table where he left his backpack in the first place. Sarah followed him and took a seat next to him. 

‘I don’t know. He was here just now…’ She said, her eyes lingering around the library, probably scanning for the male that Oliver asked about. About ten seconds after that, she turned her look towards the male next to him and suddenly she covered the page he was reading with her palms.
‘What’s wrong..?’ He turned over to her and asked. 

‘Tell me about your “problem”.’ She said, gesturing with her hands as she made two quote signs with her fingers on the air. Maybe she saw him bumped into the principal and wanted a full report of it. 

‘What problem?’ Suddenly Tyler came, setting himself seated in front of Oliver and Sarah. He brought two books, as he carefully aligned them together and put them into his Nike backpack. He raised his eyebrows as he tilted his head, and his expression told them that he’s interested as well. 

‘Where were you?’ Oliver said, hoping that he would be able to change the topic. He didn’t want his friend to know the other part of their principal. The whole school would know about it. He flipped through another page of his book, pretending to scrutinise on each word and make himself busy.   

‘I was…speaking with Marcie.’ He said, as the moment he mentioned the name, Oliver and Sarah gawked, giving him a weird look. 

‘Marcie..? You don’t mention Marcie and speaking with in the same sentence.’ Sarah looked concerned, as she leaned closer to the table, probably to avoid other students to hear them. Her eyes never left Tyler, as Oliver now leaned closer. ‘I agree with her, man. You should stay away from that woman.’

Tyler gave out a heavy breath, as he threw his body to the chair, his eye balls were scanning the perimeter in case she might be around, watching them. He scratched the bridge of his nose before he said, ‘She…just asked me to her summer party at her beach house’. Oliver didn’t seem surprised, but Sarah was a different story. She looked like she’s going to blow, but she kept her sanity for the time being. She guessed that Tyler wouldn’t go to the party. And she hoped she was right. 

Everyone knew that Marcie was everyone’s enemy, except for those rich brats. Marcie always pretended to be nice to people and she would assure them that she’s their friend. But the truth was undeniable; she was only trying to delve into people’s big secrets before she could announce them officially on the school’s microphone. She remembered how Marcie insulted Maya, a girl who came from a needy family with terrible names and talked bad about her deceased father. For some reason, she’s like a devil wearing a human mask. At least that was what posted by an unknown and unsatisfied person about her at the school’s bulletin board. 

Would Tyler be her next victim?

Beyond The World [ Chapter 1 ] -part 2-

Part 2

Oliver walked down the stairs, taking a right corner to the library and hoped for one thing, that he wouldn’t bump into the school’s principal. His principal was known and famous for one thing, that he always there to look for the students’ mistakes. Oliver vividly recalled the principal made his debut on his second day of service where he whipped two students three times each for starting a food fight. He fastened his pace, but luck wasn’t with him this time. Principal Norman opened the office door, where he and Oliver suddenly were eye-to-eye contact. Oliver had a hard time swallowing his saliva at the moment he saw his principal’s eyes, which was greenish-yellow, but the yellow seemed to be overpowering the green, and made his eyes nothing much like the python’s. He thought that the principal had been lurking there all time, waiting for him. He couldn’t feel his legs anymore.

‘M-morning Principal Norman.’ For heaven’s sake Oliver felt that those words were reluctant to come out from his mouth, as if they were afraid as well. He self-inspected himself before the man stood before him did, looking for any portholes that the man could find to sink him down. Necktie, checked. Sleeves, checked. He muttered under his ragged breath. ‘Ah, Mr. Clay. Do you have a time?’ He gently said, opening the door a bit wider. Oliver looked at him plainly and he could only assume one thing, he wanted him to come into his office. Would he get strangled to death in there? Oliver deemed in his heart.

He wanted to say that he needed to go to the school library, but that probably wasn’t the answer Principal Norman would want to hear. ‘Oh…okay.’ He nodded obediently and walked carefully into the office, each step was analyzed in case there’re any booby traps. The air conditioner blew a chilling welcome as Oliver stepped inside, prickling deep into his skin. There was a small round glass table and a two-seater upholstered couch at the end of the room, purposely placed for the parents. Oliver noticed the fresh smell of air and the picture of a beautiful garden on the wall, along with the principal’s certificates, which surprised him. Then, the atmosphere slowly turned warm and cozy. He imagined some kind of evil atmosphere, suffocating every student to death. Or a list of people who felt his whip engraved permanently on the wall.  That moment his mind gone blank, as if there was a mental traffic jam happened and Oliver tried so hardly fighting off the bad images in his mind. 

‘Mr. Clay?’ Oliver stunned. It took his principal three times calling his name for him to answer. 

‘Yes, sir?’

‘Would you care for some tea?’ Principal Norman asked, pouring some tea into two cups. The cool air of the room and the hot water created thin steam that vaporised quickly in the air. Black Citron tea, the student assumed from the smell. The principal placed a small plate and a cup of tea in front of Oliver, as he sat gently on his mesh chair, before he leaned forward, reaching for the sugar in the middle of the table. He plopped down a cube into his cup before slowly stirring it in a clockwise direction. Oliver copied him, but he waited for his principal to take a sip first. Every second felt forever with him assuming that the principal might as well waiting for him to have a sip first before him, and then burst to an evil laugh. Then the images faded as he saw the old man in front him took a gentle sip. Once he did that, then all the doubts Oliver had about him were washed away. He saw the old man’s glasses were covered in steam when he pulled away, and then quickly turned clear again. But this time his eyes weren’t yellow or green, but light brown that matched his fatherly mien.

‘What makes him so nice today? Or does he have something in mind? Maybe he took a vaccine so he won’t get poisoned by the tea…’ The questions remained floating in his head, unanswered. 

‘Can you see the beautiful picture of a garden right there? My daughter took it.’ Principal Norman said, pointing with his teaspoon. ‘She did know how to see the beauty in something…’ He continued, before he took another sip of his tea. Oliver remembered. His daughter was killed in an accident 2 years ago. A drunk driver, and a hit and run case, according to the police. Oliver rammed his mind for history. He knew if it hadn’t been because of the accident, Linda would have been the same age as him, 16. 

‘It sure is beautiful, just like her.’ He didn’t think of what he wanted to say, but it was probably something to cheer him up. He knew there was a soft spot deep in Principal Norman’s heart. She was his only child. Since that day, every time Principal Norman took over a teacher’s class, he would be preaching about avoiding dangerous things, like cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.  And he also always gave the students a piece of his mind about respecting the elders and loving their family. That’s explained why he was being so stern towards problem makers. Oliver remembered. Linda was his third friend that he met during first day of high school, after Sarah and Tyler. 

‘You know, young man,’ Principal Norman said, before he continued, ‘Sarah told me quite a lot about you and your friends. She…’

About thirty minutes after that, and after thanking him on the drink, Oliver left the principal’s office and scurried to the library. When he reached there, he didn’t see any sign of Mr. Barnes around. He had a clean record with him, but the truth was that his heart rate was high. It could be his first.

Beyond The World [ Chapter 1 ] -part 1-

Part 1
Chapter 1

 ‘Mr. Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan, are you present?’ Mr. Barnes looked up, scanning the whole class when he wasn’t answered. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, before he slowly sighed, putting an ‘O’ sign at the attendance book. Although the all-time class ditcher didn’t present, but there was still a sign of concern showed in his mien. He stood up as he took off his glasses, setting it on the table before taking a deep breath.

 ‘Listen here, class. I…do not know what is the most priority thing that you’re thinking in your life. Maybe you think that study isn’t that important. I know you’re sick and tired of all those exams, tests, assignments and homework. But trust me, I know how it feels. I was a student too. But, education is probably the most obvious line that differs all of the CEOs of the companies and the homeless beggars out there. It is…’ Mr. Barnes kept on giving his preaches, but Oliver bet nobody was listening. He saw Samantha and Halen were giggling so loudly at the back of the class, despite the fact that Mr. Barnes was talking in front. 

Oliver looked over to Mitch’s place, which was only next to him. He assumed that Mitch was probably at his friend’s place, playing poker and watching movies together. It could be Jake’s place, Sam’s place or Carl’s. Yeah, maybe that’s what made him not coming to school today. He once asked Oliver to cut school with him one day to go to the newly opened arcade. However, Oliver was lucky enough to reject his offer. It was the day that Officer Frederick and his team raided the place, causing five students of Malency High School to face the principal, and suffered a day or two of difficulty to sit or sleep. Everyone knew that the principal had a ‘lethal’ whip. But, thinking about the incident, made Oliver chuckle. Although Mitch was popular among the discipline teachers, he also happened to be one of the top 20 students. 

To be honest, he actually felt guilty seeing his teacher talking in front of the class, probably for 5 minutes now, but no one paid any attention. So, he shifted his gaze from outside the window to the front class. He felt weird now. He thought he just saw a bird outside the window, mimicking his expression and making fun of him. Pinching the region between his eyes with two fingers, he tried to keep his focus not to mention his sanity. ‘So, for the holiday’s homework…’ Mr. Barnes spoke, before slamming a dictionary of 3 inches thick onto the table. ‘Bang..!’ The thud sound made the whole class turned extremely quiet, before it continued with a small ‘pop’ sound made by Billy the Chewy who was chewing a gum. That moment, he quickly spit it out and wrapped it in a paper. The whole class looked pale. Even Diane, the class-chatter and also happened to be the daughter of the city’s police chief was speechless. 

‘Does anyone have anything to say? Please step forward so everyone can hear about it. Mrs. Stewart? Perhaps you can share something with us?’ Mr. Barnes pointed directly to Diane with a chalk even when he’s facing the blackboard. It was like he had another eye at the back of his head. Oliver had to admit he was left agape like a stupid carp fish when his teacher almost stopped the chalk at him, before moving it to Diane.
‘No sir.’ Diane slowly replied, before lowering her face as Mr. Barnes turned to the class, definitely to avoid any eye-contact with her teacher. 

Mr. Barnes cleared his throat. ‘So, as I said. Each of you will take a piece of paper in this box, for the topic of the assignment for the holiday. Then, you may go to the school’s library to make an early research. I’ll be watching.’ He stated as he sat down, writing some notes into his planner. Oliver noticed that the person at the teacher’s desk made a quick scribble on the paper before he raised his pen about a foot in the air, took aim and made a full stop the page. It made an earsplitting sound and all of his students believed he had pierced through his planner, or maybe made a hole at the desk. The first person who dared enough to die was Brandon, the teacher’s pet as he stood and walked to the front desk, followed by Wilbert, Kate and so on. The last person was him. 

‘Thank you Mr. Barnes.’ Oliver said as he reached down into the box, fumbling for the last piece of paper.
‘No problem, Mr. Clay. Have a nice holiday.’ He gave his student a half smile, which Oliver thought was sincere.
Yeah, it’s true. It was Friday. In the next 6 hours the school will be jammed with the students screaming, yelling and the school hall will be filled with papers and homework. It was the day before a long holiday break. Yup, summer break. Probably the best moment for those rich brats who planned to go for some luxury vacations and get themselves pampered. Oliver opened the paper. [Future of a Child in a Developing World]

‘Shoot…’ Oliver muttered under his breath as he walked out of the class. On his way to the library, he purposely sauntered along the hall, taking the long way and past the bulletin board. The first thing that came to his notice was a big digital clock, about the size of a large pizza box, which was precisely and cautiously calculating the countdown for the holiday. At the first glance Oliver knew it belonged to Adam, as he once saw the clock at his place when he threw a party earlier this year. It thoughtfully read 05:57:36. The second thing was the usual. Oliver saw a red brassiere being pinned onto the board, with a note and a name ‘Marcie’ attached to it. Not only that, there were notes about the teachers and Ben, the school bully. Needless to say, he supposed that those notes were negative. Although he had to admit all of the teachers at Malency High were ‘different’. He neatly folded his assignment and kept it in his front pocket.

The Must-Read Book Of The Month ! [Seven Sorcerers]

Hey guys ! It's time for one of the book that you must read in this month !

I'll show you another book that I find attention-grabbing, thought-provoking and fascinating !

This book is written by Caro King.


Nin had never liked Wednesdays, but this one took the biscuit. On this Wednesday she woke up to find that it was raining buckets and that her brother had ceased to exist. 
Nin realizes she is the only person to remember Toby because whoever took him is about to make her disappear too. Enter Skerridge the Bogeyman, who steals kids for Mr. Strood.
With his spindle, he draws all memories of Nin out of her mother's head. She escapes to the Drift, a land filled with the fabulous and the dreadful. What is the sorcerers' secret and will Nin and Toby escape their fate at the House of Strood?


'Rich with extraordinary incident...Who could ask for more?' -Telegraph

'Truly moving and involving' -The Sunday Times

'A richly inventive fantasy- gripping, intricate...but quickened with deft touches of humour' -Financial Times

'A very...interesting and creative piece of work about the adventure but never neglects 
to involve the love within family' -Hasif ^^"

This book can be found at your nearest bookstore with only RM 29.95.

PS: Make sure you read the prologue of Beyond The World before I release the remarkable, attracting Chapter 1! Or else you'll be boggling around like hell

Prologue [part 3] -final-

           “W-what the…” Kyn flabbergasted. The staff started to glow brightly now. Kyn felt a strange feeling of numbness on his legs and all over his body. Frankly, he was not able to move, not even a single muscle. The incandescence of the light grew stronger, before the diamond suddenly emitted a strange power that slowly sucking up Kyn into the staff.

      “N-no…! Why master? How could you betray me..?” His voice echoed up the whole canyon. His body felt really light, and he was being sucked and pulled into the glowing staff, before he completely vanished. A couple drops of his tear fell onto the earth.

          The Tree Of Life seemed to give out sound as it was wailing now. Both legions marched closer, and they prepared for the battle. Sir Aaron looked up to see a red unicorn and a blue harpy clashed and fought with each other. He clenched his fist tightly and forced himself to run faster. Somehow, the crystals that scattered all over the land looked pale. Even the royal castle, which had a lot of crystals embed on its walls and gardens faded. From the sky, it looked like two different colour of liquid merged together. Two mastodons from each side clashed and hit each other.

         The blue one fell on to the ground, and the red one was ready to stomp, but it was just before a rock-made snake from the blue army curled around and constricted tightly around the red mastodon’s body, leaving it to howl in pain. Hell hounds from both sides leaped high and shot fire breaths, as the unicorns now swooped lower, before ascending again after shot powerful beams across the land. The catastrophe was terrible. Hundreds of harpies fell onto the ground with their bodies burnt, of their heads were gone. Two great mastodons clobbered their tusks, which made a sound like a thunder striking the earth.

        Suddenly, the ground rumbled in a different way, which made all the creatures stopped fighting. The crystals glittered and shone brightly, giving out green light that flashed and brightened up the whole terrains. Somehow in a way, the anger and grief in their eyes started to disappear, dispelled by the green light that stretched out throughout the whole canyon. All of them were flummoxed, like they had been hypnotised and not knowing what was happening. It was then replaced by the look of harmony and peace that made them stopped fighting. At that point, two mastodons from each side lumbered forward, before wailing to each other which seemed to be the sign of reconciliation. The dazzling green light even made the whole terrains fertile again.

         The bare land suddenly was full of blooming beautiful flowers and covered with evergreen grass. Dead trees grew back again. Not only that, the river that had been dried up for months started running again. The sky became bright blue and the scary clouds were gone. Gentle breeze brushed up against every creature and washed away their pain. The harpies and the unicorns flitted swiftly above the soar sky. The armies then turned back, before marching back to their own place. The Tree Of Life glowed brightly like it was a clutch of beautiful diamonds.

After a while, it went quiet. The armies were gone, the birds flew high in the sky and the fish swam happily in the river. But, there was not a single sign of Sir Aaron around, and not even a trace of him. He just…vanished.

Prologue [part 2]

          Kyn on the other hand stood as tall as any normal teenager. His blonde hair that covered the strange ‘V’ mark on his forehead and his thin fur on his body made him a creature of a fused cat and human. He glanced to East. The army had equal number like the other side, only they were wearing red armours.
The harsh dry air from the canyon really cold and cruel, giving Kyn a chilblain. He swallowed thick saliva, as sweats trickled down his neck. Kyn gritted his teeth, before he burst to a yell.


Kyn straighten up and he was ready to charge downhill, but stumbled when a voice suddenly shouted his name from behind.

“KYN, WAIT!!!”

Kyn was startled. He twisted his upper body around to see that Sir Aaron was standing, panting and gasping for air. Well, he ‘saw’ that in his aura. Sir Aaron wore a black cape over his shoulder, and a pair of gloves along with a leather hat that covered half of his face. Unlike Kyn, Sir Aaron was a real human. At that moment, Kyn immediately knelt down, lowering his head from looking at Sir Aaron.

He noticed that Sir Aaron always had his staff with him. A long, wooden-made staff that had a large and nice cut diamond embeds at the end of it. Sir Aaron also looked pale than his usual.

“M-master, where have you been?”

“Kyn, please stand up. I am not your master.”

He tried to throw a friendly smile to Kyn, but his mien was obviously showed that he was greatly worried about something.

“What happened to your eyes?” Sir Aaron asked.

“Don’t worry about me, master.”

“Are you planning to stop the war?” Sir Aaron added. There was a feeling of malaise at the edge of his voice
“Yes.” Kyn briefly replied.

“And how do you plan to do that? You will never make it.”

“I… um…” Kyn knew that what Sir Aaron had said was true.

‘I’ll give everything that I have!” Kyn replied, as every second he wasted waiting had evoked the sense of fear and wary about the war. Sir Aaron looked discontent. He knew even with the King’s order with Kyn, he won’t be able to stop the war. He nodded and gave his last smile to Kyn before he pirouetted and took off downhill, towards the red army. His shadow that covered Kyn suddenly disappeared in a flash. Normally Sir Aaron would never left Kyn that way, but this time had made Kyn completely flummoxed and worried. He boggled for a while, before he regained complete conscious again.

          “M-master, wait!” Kyn frantically straighten up, before he made a high jump at the cliff where Sir Aaron had went. There, he saw his master swiftly running down the hill like a shooting star plummeting down the earth. Kyn sensed something was wrong. The unique blue aura possessed by his master slowly seemed to fade. Just like Kyn, Sir Aaron had the same ability to see through aura within people. In fact, he was the one who had taught Kyn. Somehow at a point, Kyn was able to gather all his might and scurried towards Sir Aaron.

        Even with his power, Kyn had trouble to go after Sir Aaron. He saw the blue aura of his master suddenly stopped and glowed brighter, which made Kyn came to a halt as well. He sensed further that Sir Aaron raised his staff, before stretching his arm backward, took aim and threw his staff. It landed and spiked directly at the edge of Kyn’s right foot.

-to be continued-

The Must-Read Book of The Month ! [Crescendo]

Hey guys ! It's time for one of the book that you must read in this month !

This book is written by Becca Fitzpatrick, entitled 'Crescendo'
It is the sequel to the New York Times Bestseller 'hush, hush'

Well lets see the review of others about the book :

"[Hush, hush has] fallen angels, the half-human offspring of fallen angels...[their] descendants, and a whole lot of sexual tension mixed in just to complete matters."

"A thrilling debut." -Kirkus Reviews

"A gripping chiller...Fans of paranormal romance should be rapt." -Publishers weekly

"Hush hush has great atmosphere...If the guys had been [as] dangerous and delicious [as Patch] when I was in high school, I would never have wanted to graduate."
-Sandra Brown, bestselling author of White Hot and Smoke Screen.

Words from Hasif:

          I have read the book and I find it truly amazing! I mean the way the author tells the story makes us believe we are in the situation. This book is about the life of Nora Grey, in which she has a guardian angel, Patch. But despite the role of him in Nora's life, he has been acting anything but angelic. I read about it and he is having a fair with Nora's no.1 enemy, Marcie Millar. 
        Nora also on the other hand is trying to delve into anything to find who had killed his father, and comes to question whether her Nephilim bloodline has anything to do with his death. 

Well this book has been there in nearby bookstore such as Popular, Borders or MPH for about a month now and in offer! I had it for about RM 47.90 and it's worth it.


Peace to be upon you all readers.

As for the greetings, I'll start with introducing myself. ^^"

I'm Hasif Bin Sharif, born on 15th February 1993. I had my early education at one of the best school in Malaysia, SM Sains Alam Shah or more well-known as ASIS.
I'm the third child in my family, and I was blessed with 2 older brothers and 2 younger sisters.

I'll be straight forward with myself. Ok? Lol

If you ever need someone you can count on, it'll be me. I am a determined person and preferably do not want and hate asking someone's help in my work. 

I'm simple, but hard to understand. And sometimes people say I have an alter ego... ???
Ok, I enjoy writing novels and short stories. But, this is the first I'll put it into my blog. I also enjoy reading them, and maybe I can perhaps suggest or make a list about the most popular writers that I know, to be shared with the others avid readers.Yeah, I'll do that.

 I'm not going to tell you what this story is about because...the truth is, I have a rough idea about this story, but I just don't want to create the plot first. From my point of view, things will be better in impromptu. But! I'll try to post my story at least twice a week so that you can know when to read my story, ok? 

Well that's all then, have fun !

Prologue [part 1]


Kyn ran as fast as he could. His cat-like ears twitched every time he heard the ground rumbled and shook, made by the marching mastodons. The sky was red, almost matched the colour of washed blood. A mass of clouds substantially metamorphosed, changing and furling into eerie shapes of misshapen animals. Kyn’s heart was pounding unevenly, and each throb sent shivers to his skin, and his eyes were really sore, like it had been soaked into a great amount of sea water.

He stopped and wiped his eyes, before clutching tightly at the roll of letter that he just received from the castle. Deep in his heart sealed a grudge on the king upon his late judgment. Kyn wondered if he will ever make it to the colossal armies that lumbered ahead him, waiting to fight. He mustered his breath and energy before he darted off again. He jumped from a huge rock to another. In fact, he leapt higher than trees, far higher than any other human could. And his tail helped him a lot to swing from branch to branch as he passed through the Forest of Darkness.

              Kyn ran and jumped again. Down at the corrie, he suddenly became more alert, and he came to a halt. There was nothing in front him, except for large rocks and geysers that were gushing out dangerously from the Earth’s crust. He shut his eyes tightly and his ears started to twitch. Slowly, he sensed the aura of universe around him. Everything seemed blue in his vision except for living things that looked like flowing blue energy, for instance the birds and waterfalls.

            Then, a sudden frigid feeling rushed into him and he jumped ably, just in time when a pair of hell hounds lunged to his stance. Again, he jumped as they attacked again. He made a back flip and landed onto a giant rock as another hell hound appeared from behind, and it almost had him. The three of them were big and black, with a pair of horns on their head like those mountain goats had. They growled loudly in anger, as their mouth opened, before firing blast of fire towards Kyn.
    The flame was so hot, as Kyn would rather soak himself in the geysers than being shot by the fire blast. He dodged and shunned, before realising he was surrounded at a corner with the hell hounds inching closer in an insidious way from all direction, and their mouths breathed fire. The biggest one seemed eager and prepared to lunge, which made Kyn to be more meticulous.

        Suddenly a hell hound leapt towards Kyn at super-speed, and almost got his head. Kyn made a side-step, and the hell hound crashed on the wall beside him. The gritty and rubble got Kyn in his eyes, which made him slightly blind. He lost his balance and fell on the ground. Feeling rather angry and frustrated, he closed his eyes and forced himself to stand. Now he had to depend on his aura to defeat the hell hounds. He flitted and sensed the hell hounds in front of him, which made Kyn to step forward and stretched out both his arms towards one of the hell hounds, before an orb ball of blue power glowed between his palms and shot the hell hound right in the face. It did not kill him, but sure powerful enough to make it ran away. Kyn concentrated again, and aimed at the other two hell hounds.

But, one of the hell hound leapt high and jumped towards Kyn, almost ripped him in pieces.
“Boom…!” the hell hound was shot right after it landed onto the ground. Kyn took aim again, as the last hell hound shot him a blast of fire, but only Kyn’s power was stronger. The orb in Kyn’s hand glowed more and Kyn’s body radiated such power that it ran through the fire as it was made from nothing. ‘Boom…!’ the last hell hound fell at least 10 meters backward, before running and bawling in pain.

            He let out a sigh of relief, before moving on. An odd flower that looked like an oyster shell was nearly stepped over by him. It gleamed brightly, as it closed its petals.
Finally, he came to a halt as he made a final land on the peak of Eacan Canyon. He gazed down the valley. 

        He knew that there will be a great battle here soon. Kyn turned to West. Ahead of him, a huge wave of army was ready in blue armour steadily marched, along with their weapons. They were ready in everything, including accoutrements. But only few were humans. The rest were animals or creatures that seemed to be from the prehistoric age. He saw a flock of greedy harpies flew in a circular motion. Along with them was a group of white-winged unicorns. Each of them had great shining twisted horn, as if it can fire a powerful beam from it.

       Down there, Kyn descried a herd of mastodon. For twice the size of jumbo elephant, the hefty mastodons could easily run through things as if even a big tree seemed like nothing to them. The mastodons and unicorns both wore significant blue armours on their heads and bodies.

Not to mention, there were creatures that Kyn himself did not know exist. A long, rock-made snake that reached the length and size of two school buses, steadily trailed along the mastodons. Plus, imagine a creature that owned the body of a lion, and a couple of scorpion tails with three heads of bears emerged. Now make the size of that creature size. The moment Kyn looked at it, his heart pounded faster.

-to be continued-