Know Your Mythology Creatures ! [ Pegasus ]

Hey guys! In this post i'll be posting about mythology creatures, mainly from Greek.

In every creatures that the ancient Greek believed, there must be a great story behind it. I mean where is Hydra derived from... or the Cerberus.

Well, swerve your path here to learn about the ancient creatures, at the same time edifying your knowledges about the world !

Myth 4: Pegasus ( Winged Divine Horse )

Bellerophon riding Pegasus 

Pegasus is one of the best known fantastical creatures in Greek mythology. He is a winged divine horse, usually white in color. He was sired by Poseidon (God of Sea), in his role as horse-god, and foaled by the Gorgon Medusa. 

He was the brother of Chrysaor, born at a single birthing when his mother was decapitated by Perseus. Greco-Roman poets write about his ascent to heaven after his birth and his obeisance to Zeus, king of the gods, who instructed him to bring lightning and thunder from Olympus.

Friend of the Muses, Pegasus is the creator of Hippocrene, the fountain on Mt. Helicon. He was captured by the Greek hero Bellerophon near the fountain Peirene with the help of Athena and Poseidon. Pegasus allows the hero to ride him to defeat a monster, the Chimera, before realizing many other exploits.

 His rider, however, falls off his back trying to reach Mount Olympus. Zeus transformed him into the constellation Pegasus and placed him in the sky. There are theories that ascribe the origin of Pegasus to Pihassassa, the ancient god of thunderstorms in Hittite mythology.

Symbolism of Pegasus:

Pegasus is a symbol of knowledge, glory, and inspiration. Since ancient times, Pegasus has been a symbol of power and speed as well as imagination. The symbol of Pegasus was mostly used on cars and was advertised as “the spirit of flying horsepower”.

Notes about Pegasus:

Son of the Gorgon Medusa and the sea god Poseidon

Sprang fully formed from the severed neck of Medusa when Perseus slew her

Brother of the giant (or winged horse), Chrysoar and of the colt, Celeris (or according to some, his father)

Mounted by Perseus, who flew over the sea to slay the sea-dragon Cetus

Taken by the goddess Athena to Mt. Helicon to be reared by the Muses

Caused the fountains of Hippocrene & Aganippe to gush forth

The inspiration of the Muses (especially of Urania & her son by Apollo, Linus)

Wise seer of Corinth, Polyeidus, advised Bellerophon to capture Pegasus, who tamed him by the golden bridle, Chalintis, a gift of Athena

Mortal enemy of the Chimaera, Pegasus' flying skill enabled her slaying

Stung by a gadfly sent by Zeus when Bellerophon arrogantly tried to steer Pegasus to Olympus, causing Bellerophon to fall off

Occasional mount of Eos (Aurora) for her drive across the sky at dawn

Occasional mount of Apollo (Phoebus) during his daylight drive across the sky

Bearer of Zeus' divine Lightning and Thunder

Earthly and heavenly deeds honored with a memorial in the heavens - his very own constellation

Pegasus appears in the story of Bellerophon, the son of King Glaucus, a warrior known for his breeding of fierce horses who betrayed and devoured him. 

Bellerophon was rumored to come from divine parentage, but even if not, he was by far the strongest and most handsome young man in his kingdom.

 He desired to tame Pegasus and was shown a way by Athena after he slept in her temple one night; presenting him with a golden bridle, Bellerophon mastered Pegasus, and together the two had many adventures.

 It was because of Pegasus that Bellerophon was able to slay the Chimera, a fearsome conglomerate of a lion, goat, and serpent.

Pegasus Today

In modern times, Pegasus became applied to flying horses in general, wherever they appear in art or literature. Viewed as a symbol of the soul able to fly beyond the realm of physical life, Pegasus is an inspirational magical creature endowing a sense of beauty and majesty to the works in which he appears.

 Pegasus has also been regarded as "the power of the creative spirit in all of us. He is the symbol of the Muses, of inspiration, and of the beauty we bring to our life and the lives of others."

Now you know about Pegasus ^^ "

Beyond The World [ chapter 2 ] -part 4-

One of them was running towards Oliver, his face looked pale, sweats was drenching his shirt. ‘Run! Run!’ He screamed the word repeatedly, his head never bothered to turn back for his friend. Without thinking much, Oliver was running too. Twigs were scraping the man’s face and body, and the rocks were poking his feet despite the fact that he was wearing boots. He tripped over a curved vine, and the torchlight flew about 5 meters from him, hitting the ground hard. The front glass broke, but the bulb was still emitting light, witnessing the incident.

Taking one look back Oliver saw the other man scampered and passed through his friend, ignoring him. It seemed like he was still running even though he was out of breath. From his place he could even hear he was panting and grunting as he ran. Oliver’s feet came to a halt. He almost fell as the weight of his body was still moving forward even though his feet had stopped going. The moment the spun his body around, the man passed his shoulder, and Oliver felt the cold wind brushed him and he heard the man’s ragged breath.

 It felt real. Oliver could even smell the man’s bad breath as he passed him, liquor. Hesitantly and without thinking, he scurried back to the other man before he heard the horses squealed, stomping their hooves as they ran off. From a quick glance he saw the coach moved passed the woods and Oliver was sure he noticed the curtain was disturbed, as if someone in the coach was trying to look out.

‘Get up!’ Oliver shouted at the man. There were few cuts on the man’s cheek and arms, not to mention blood oozed from his head, running through his old, disfigured scar.  ‘H-help…’ He cried, trying to get up on his feet. ‘It’s coming after you, run!’ He added.

‘GO AWAY!’ Suddenly a voice came deep from the woods, from where the two men went earlier. Oliver stunned. He turned his head to where the voice came from, but it was pitch black, paralyzing his vision.
He felt his stomach flipped. The adrenalin rush inside Oliver dominated the chilling night. In fact, his body was burning up.  Sweats were rushing down his forehead and neck.

‘Come on! You can do this! He tried to grab the man’s shoulder, but it was pure vain. His arms went pass through the man, as if Oliver was a ghost.

Deep and scary, the voice rephrased, this time more firmly. ‘GO…AWAY!’ Oliver noted the voice was different, and far deeper than any human voice he ever heard of. It echoed, as a flash of light gradually appeared from where the voice derived from. The incandescence of the light grew stronger, filling the whole space with luminous white light. He felt the ground under him shook, threatening to crack open and take all of them into the earth. Oliver squinted from the glint, before he heard the man below him yelped, ‘NO!!!’ And that was the last voice he heard.

The alarm clock was ringing like hell, driving Oliver to insanity. He quickly rolled over and pressed the stupid thing about 3 times until it shut up. He let out a heavy sigh as he glared towards the alarm. It read precisely 8.30.

Slowly, he forced himself to sit as he looked around. His head felt heavy, and he suffered a steady tingling sensation on his left cranium. He realised Toby was gone. So were his book and little Monkey. The soft, hazy daylight slanting through his bedroom window aimed directly at his face. The window pane was partly opened, and the lazy morning summer breeze found it way in, brushing against Oliver’s messy hair. Sometimes the smell of salty air managed to come in from the nearby beach, mixing weirdly with his lavender scented room.

The gentle gust felt like a good slap, hitting him on his face. It was the same feeling that he felt when Principal Norman presented him his first-class slap as Oliver accidently pushed some sort of lever on the field trip to a dolphin show, which made him, the principal and his other classmates to take an unplanned swim.

On top of that, his heart was still working double time from the nightmare, but he kept telling himself that it wasn’t real. He managed to put the dream aside, where it belonged to, the unreal world. Dragging the pillow against him, he curled into the weird sensation inside him. He knew it was just a dream. But a part of him told that it was more than that…

He stared at the wooden floor until his heart rate was normal again. Then he hauled himself out of the bed to take a quick shower and went downstairs. Walking into the kitchen, he saw mum at the workplace preparing pancake and dad at the coffee table, with the morning newspaper.

‘Morning honey.’ Mum suddenly said before him, as if she knew Oliver was coming.

‘Morning mum, dad.’ He replied. Dad only nodded as he took a sip of his coffee, his eyes were scrutinizing the papers.

He sat at the kitchen table as Mrs. Clay came by his side, setting down a plate of pancake in front of him. The smell of pancakes, honey and coffee was really good, which eased Oliver’s headache. As he squeezed the honey onto his plate, he looked around. ‘Where’s Toby?’ He couldn’t believe himself being concerned enough to ask that question, but he asked anyway. Or maybe he was just trying to make a morning conversation, with a question a family member would ask.

‘Grandma. Don’t you remember?’ Dad answered, fixing his necktie. He finished his coffee, grabbed his suitcase and kissed mum on her cheek before he left for work. As he passed the table, he ruffled Oliver’s hair and said, ‘Take care of yourself when you at the beach, and don’t get into trouble.’

Oliver remembered. Every Saturday morning Grandma will take Toby for a walk around the neighborhood with her. He poured himself a cup of coffee as he heard his dad’s Camry roared and left the porch.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians Collections [ The Last Olympian ]

Percy Jackson - The Last Olympian

Book 5 

Hey guys ! This is the forth, and unfortunately the last series of
 Percy Jackson & The Olympian, The Last Olympian

The Last Olympian, the fifth book in the Percy Jackson series, was released on May 5, 2009


Percy (Perseus) Jackson and his friends fight in a war resembling the original war between the Greek gods and the Titans, and in a final battle with the powerful Titan, Lord Kronos. Typhon (a colossal monster that nearly destroyed Olympus in the first war) is released from under Mount St. Helens, forcing the gods to leave to fight with Olympus virtually undefended.

Seeking to defeat Kronos, Percy bathes in the River Styx, like Luke, to make his body invulnerable except in one spot (mortal point; in Percy's case, the small of his back). Percy and his friends then fight in a last stand to protect Mount Olympus from the oncoming invasion of Kronos. They find out that a mortal girl that Percy met in the third book, The Titan's Curse, was destined to become the Oracle.

Percy also finds out the last Olympian is Hestia and gives her Pandora's jar, telling her she is the last and most important Olympian, "because Hope survives best at the hearth". Percy and Luke (possessed by Kronos) battle at the top of Mt. Olympus.

A must-get book

Luke is shocked back into his normal self after hurting Annabeth. During this battle, Percy turns 16, making the Great Prophecy come into effect. Annabeth tells Percy to give Luke the knife, leaving himself unarmed. He does and Luke stabs himself in his mortal spot to destroy Kronos and save Mt. Olympus. Percy had made the choice to save Olympus, losing plenty of his friends, and finding out that Luke was the true hero, in the end.

A shroud is made for Luke when the gods return to Olympus. The gods reward Percy and his friends, they even offer him immortality but he refuses and they grant him one request. He requests the gods to recognize all their children and make a place at Camp Half-Blood for Hades and all the children of the minor gods. At the end Percy and Annabeth offical their relationship.

Like other series of Percy Jackson, there will be a prophecy

This prophecy is given to our great hero, Percy Jackson. 
At the end, the heroes will be given gifts from the Gods. What they wished for? Well you have to read for that. 

In The Last Olympian, the Great Prophecy is revealed:

A half blood of the eldest gods,
Shall reach sixteen against all odds,
And see the world in endless sleep,
The hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap,
A single choice shall end his days,
Olympus to preserve or raze.
The best ending

Know Your Mythology Creatures ! [ Minotaur ]

Hey guys ! In this post I'll be posting about the mythology creatures, mainly from the Greek. 

In every creatures that the ancient Greek believed, there must be a great story behind it. I mean where is Hydra derived from...or the Cerberus. 

Well, swerve your path here to learn about the ancient creatures, at the same time edifying your knowledge about the world !

Myth 4: Minotaur ( Half Man, Half Bull )

In Greek mythology, the Minotaur, as the Greeks imagined him, was a creature with the head of a bull on the body of a man or, as described by Ovid, "part man and part bull". He dwelt at the center of the Cretan Labyrinth, which was an elaborate maze-like construction built for King Minos of Crete and designed by the architect Daedalus and his son Icarus who were ordered to build it to hold the Minotaur. The Minotaur was eventually killed by the Athenian hero Theseus.

The term Minotaur derives from the Greek Μῑνώταυρος, etymologically compounding the name Μίνως (Minos) and the noun ταύρος "bull", translating as "(the) Bull of Minos". In Crete, the Minotaur was known by its proper name, Asterion, a name shared with Minos' foster-father.

Well, in case you guys never play games about Minotaur being the bad 
guys, keeping you away from victory, how about learn its origin for God's sake..?? LOL


Minos, who was the next successor of Crete, fought with his brother for the right of the rule. 
In order to secure his throne of Crete, he prayed to Poseidon to send him a show-white bull (don't ask why) , as a sign of approval by the gods for his reign. 

Minos promised to sacrificed the bull as an offering, and as a symbol off subservience.
Poseidon agreed and sent a beautiful white bull (called the Cretan Bull) rose from the sea, but when Minos set eyes on it, he coveted the bull for himself. 

He assumed that Poseidon would not mind, so he kept it and sacrificed the best specimen from his herd instead. When Poseidon learned about the deceit, he made Pasipha, Minos's wife, to fall madly in love with the bull. 

She had Daedalus, the famous architect, make a wooden cow for her.
Pasipha climbed into the decoy and fooled the white bull. 
-which means Pasipha used the fake bull to make the Cretan Bull to believe it
 was real, and agreed to make love- -half human (Pasipha) and half bull (Cretan Bull)-
The offspring of their lovemaking was a monster called the Minotaur.

The creature had the head and tail of a bull on the body of a man. It caused such terror and destruction on Crete that Daedalus was summoned again, but this time by Minos himself. He ordered the architect to build a gigantic, intricate labyrinth from which escape would be impossible. 
The Minotaur was captured and locked in the labyrinth. Every year for nine years, seven youths and maidens came as tribute from Athens. These young people were also locked in the labyrinth for the Minotaur to feast upon.
( now you know why Minotaur always appeared in the Labyrinth )

A Minotaur attacking Percy and his mom in Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

When the Greek hero Theseus reached Athens, he learned of the Minotaur and the sacrifices, and wanted to end this. He volunteered to go to Crete as one of the victims. 

When the Greek hero Theseus reached Athens, he learned of the Minotaur and the sacrifices, and wanted to end this. He volunteered to go to Crete as one of the victims. 

She promised she would provide the means to escape from the maze if he agreed to marry her. When Theseus did, she gave him a simple ball of thread, which he was to fasten close to the entrance of the maze.

 He made his way through the maze, while unwinding the thread, and he stumbled upon the sleeping Minotaur. He beat it to death and led the others back to the entrance by following the thread.

Theseus, founder-king of Athens

Well now you know about Minotaur ^^"